Old Woman Josie: A kind but secretive old woman who lives on #502 Hemlock Grove. She has a treasured locket. She keeps a large variety of things in her house, and will often give them away if she deems someone worthy. She often talks of Angels.

Young Girl: A young female has been occasionally spotted giving out candies. She wears a cloak, making it difficult to identify her, but she is likely just a village girl wanting to keep humble.

Cecil: A suave Void being. He is mysterious and sassy. He currently works as a castle guard, but will likely soon return to hosting a radio show.

Lewis: A crass Harsoninan who hates his job as castle guard. He also hates how often children mistake his hair for candy floss.

The Queen: The Queen of Selendia. A kind and nuturing soul, who loves her Granddaughter most of all. Smells of Lavender.

Sherrif Azure: A veteran Bunnyfolk, very blunt and quick to assume. A good leader nonetheless. Is surpsingly sentimental.

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